Devil. Mixed media sculpture with backlit red eyes. 40cm x 40cm. £150

Welcome to the Dark Side. A gothic array of creepy art


Here is an anti-war painting called,'Always Look on the Bright Side', inspired by Salvador Dali's 'Christ of Saint John of the Cross'. Oils on canvas board. 60cm x 80cm. £390

A Dark Knight in Gotham City. Oils on 2 canvas panels. 92cm x 122cm per panel. £2900 

Movement in 9 parts. 100cm square. Oils on 9 canvas panels mounted on a deep set canvas. £2900


Dark Earth. 

From a series called 'Dark Elements'. Exhibited in Tubingen, Germany and Brussels, Belgium. Each painting 100cm square on deep set canvas. £1800 each..

Dark Water

From the 'Dark Elements' series

3 Wise Monkeys

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Graphite on paper. 30cm x 46cm. £350

Eyes to the right. Nose to the left.

Drawing on paper. 46cm x 30cm. A parody of the House of Commons. £250

Bad Audience, Good Audience

How the crowd affects the mood. Mixed media on canvas . 2 panels. 40cm x50cm. £190 each


Portraits of my three beautiful daughters. They are so alike but different. Acrylics/oils on canvas. Approx 50cm x76cm per panel. N.F.S.

Independence Day. Wooden panel and wood frame and flagpole. The astronaut's umbilical chord has been severed and the flag represents his untimely independence by flying at half mast. Not for sale.