A massive mural at St Aidens Primary School, Gateshead

pirate wall


benfieldside timeline

The above was a massive mural all the way down the stairwell of Benfieldside Primary School, Consett. It followed the National Curriculum and had great reviews. The theme was 'Stone'. The Director of Education for Durham opened it and it gained the school excellent publicity.

benfieldside jungle

Yet another mural - this time for a nursery school. It was a jungle out there.

seaham youth club

Yet another jungle - this time a fantasy one at Seaham Youth Club where I used images inspired by the kids.

I have painted dozens of murals, many in schools around County Durham; some in public and private buildings and a complete Romeo and Juliet type - Italian village-scape in a restaurant in Durham City. I have also gained a couple of awards working in the community on art projects.....that's me in the middle with the bald head - no not the baby - the other one.

magic garden

And now something completely different - a commission to paint an extending dining table with something unusual but relevant to mealtime....oval table

Pub Signs

Big news coming up. I will be appearing on a USA network HGTV programme called Cash and Cari. It will be airing in Feb/March. It is similar to Cash in the Attic and the researcher found an antiqie English pub sign in a deceased lady's house. They must have thought I was an antique as they contacted me from the States (yes, it was one of my old pub-signs) and did a Skype interview during the sale of the property's items. The sign was called the Blacksmith's Arms and guess who was the Blacksmith in the painting? Yes, yours truly! I'll let you know the results when it gets airplay.

pub signs

Believe it or not I have painted about 1000 pub signs for various breweries and free houses. Above is a post card that I created while sub-contracted by Vaux Brewery. I eventually got so sick of painting the signs due to their creatively restricting subject matter that I just gave it up. I still occasionally do one as a special order when a private landlord seeks me out and gives me creative control - the most recent one being the Crown near Allendale...

pub sign



robson greene

My painting parodying Robson Greene and the producer of 'Wire in the Blood'

The painting is entitled 'Profile of a Serial Producer'.



wear valley mercury

dark side revue

greek mural


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