Good Day Sunshine

My homage to the Beatles. Mixed media that includes oils; acrylics; coloured pencil; oilbar; inks; pipe cleaners and permanent marker on canvas 40cm x 30cm



return serve'Return Serve' Acrylic/oilbar on board. 19" x 13"

discus1'Discus1' Coloured pencil on paper. A3 size pole vault'Pole Vault' Coloured pencil on paper. A3 size

'rings'Rings' Acrylic and inks on canvas. 30" x 40"inverted spin'Inverted Spin' Coloured pencil on paper. A3 size

swimmer'Swimmer Coloured pencil/inks on paper. A3 size duel' 'Duel' ink drawing of sword fencers seen from above. A3

See more on the Sport page in the Gallery.

Other Arty News


You can now watch on-line art demonstrations showing 'Movement in Art' given by yours truly. Just access the site with my demos by clicking on the link below…

That will take you to the home page and from there you can just type in my name in the 'artists' search box or to get the free video click on the 'Free Tutorials' at the top and look for my name. It comes under the snappy title of, 'Movement in Art (part 1) Gymnast' on the 2nd page of the free tutorials.


I have also just returned from Germany where I exhibited paintings and drawings with a bunch of international artists (Germany, Italian and UK). Images to follow shortly.

patinadance madam butterfly ballerina hand spin jive alive flying high

hND SPIN hand spin arm spin blue splash black splash forearm spin

Dance City's most popular art exhibition. Click on the small images above to see some of the exhibits.

I hope you enjoy viewing my unusual art. If you are interested in purchasing original artwork or prints please contact me by telephoning 01388 517308.
or email at:-
web address ~


Recent Work

My recent work is a series of images based on dance and movement. Below are 4 examples. All are for sale or available in poster form. Click on each thumbnail image to bring up larger image. Please contact me for more details. I will be updating the gallery page 'Dance' with more images from the series. Also I am selling cards, mugs, and T shirts with my dance images on. Go to the page merchandise (dance images).html

break dance 'Break Dance' Acrylic/oilbar on canvas. 60cm x 80cm urban dance 'Urban Dance' Acrylic/oilbar on canvas.. 42cm x 60cm

strictly'Strictly' Acrylic/oilbar on canvas. 76cm x 50cm hip hop poster'Hip Hop Poster' A1 size. £10

fallen angel'Fallen Angel' Acrylic/oilbar on canvas 102cm x 76cm

September, 2011, I participated in another international exhibition in Brussels. I displayed a number of sketches and paintings showing movement in dance and sport. To see more go to the dance or sport pages in my gallery:-

Keep your eyes peeled for more information.

During the summer of 2008 I exhibited work at an arts festival in Tübingen,GermanyThe festival was entitled '4elements' and included an exhibition, poetry, music/dance, and even an aquatic art performance. Representatives from four countries - England, Germany, France and Italy participated. My daughter, Leony was involved in the making of a giant latex whale in the dance recital and a figure hugging whale costume used during the water sequence. Each of my paintings exhibited depicted one of the four elements. They were 'Dark Fire, Dark Air, Dark Water, Dark Earth, with Dark Elements being the key painting. I also exhibited a sculpture and photo montages. The project received excellent revues. A high quality catalogue was published showing the work of the artists, photographers, dancers and musicians involved.. As a follow-up I produced my own book containing related work together with paintings, sculptures and photographs linked to the project. If you would like to view a virtual copy of the book please contact me at the above email address and I will post you the link..

dark airdark air book cover (click on small image to see it full size)


Work in progress

I am presently compiling sketches relating to the forthcoming Oyimpics. The sketches will be a prelude to a series of paintings, again expressing the dynamics and movement that different sporting events convey. I will be adding the images to the 'sport' page iof the gallery.

Many of my paintings and drawings are for sale. Prices to follow at a later date. Prints are available of any image from A4 to poster size. PRICES AND SIZES TO FOLLOW. I have sole copywrite on all images. To view my art, please click on the gallery page at the top of the home page. The site will be constanly upgraded so keep checking - and please forward my contact details and site address to all of your friends. Thanks. Gav.


Below is the website address of an ex-student of mine who is promoting graphite portraits. Check out his work.... a

Below is the website addresss of a great art site that has lots of art information and groups. I am starting my own art community that liasons with the site.

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