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4elements poster

Me in front of the great big German bank where I exhibited work in the '4elements' project, pointing to my name on the posh poster.

To see more images of the '4elements' project including the finished 'Dark Fire' sculpture click on Gallery > The Elements > 1 and 2


The 5elements:- Kulture Halle, Tübingen, Germany, 2012

5 elements poster

Following a great opening night the exhibition ran until the 9th September and included paintings/drawings, photographs, video installation and performances.

Below is a rough translation of part of the article from the German press:-

The fifth element

Nearly all is in a flow: a group of artists from the twinned towns exhibits in the Kulturhalle of Tübingen.

A truly European project – praised the speakers who had opened the exhibition
" … and now metamorphosis" in the Kulturhalle last Thursday. Exhibition of the group of artists "5elements"

Not everything to be seen in the Kulturhalle refers to Blake. "5elements" are a symbol for the classical four elements earth, fire, water, air and for the exchange between those four. But the group of artists shows also a long lasting artists' exchange between twin towns, a cooperation between artists from Tübingen and the twin towns Durham, Perugia and Aix-en-Provence.

What else is to be seen besides the approaches from Löchle towards his idol Blake? For example "the vicissitudes and richness of the human face" in the work of the English artist Gavin Mayhew, which the speaker Prof. Karl Braun pointed out as well as the video installation "Kronos" from Alice Angeletti in a separate cabinet of the exhibition hall. Both, Mayhew's "Facing the past", and Angeletti's film are centered around the time, its fly-past and its brevity.

I love the descriptions; "the vicissitudes and richness of the human face" and "centered around the time, its fly-past and its brevity"

And below are a few images of my contribution to the exhiibition, which thankfully fascinated the audience. Click on the thumb to see enlargement. More coming up in the gallery page. Keep posted.

knights gagged 2tone confusion

2011 Baden-Wuerttemberg embassy, Brussels

Below is the invitation to the expo


Above shows the interior of the embassy before the preview and during....

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2012                    The 5elements:- Kulture Halle, Tübingen, Germany
2011                    Baden Wuerttemberg Embassy,  Brussels, Belgium

2008                    International art project, ‘4elements’,                Tübingen, Germany
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greenfield exhibFlyer from last exhibition





2008 The Greenfield Gallery, Greenfield Community Arts Centre, Newton Ayecliffe, Co. Durham
2007 Washington Arts Centre. Co. Durham
2000 The Art Guild Gallery, Twin City Exhibition, Durham, Nth Carolina. U.S.A.
2000 B.B.C. Broadcasting Centre. Newcastle on Tyne
1999 Newark Academy Gallery. New Jersey, U.S.A.
1999 D.L.I. Art Gallery. Durham City
1998 The Cutting Room Gallery. Leeds
1997 Bishop Auckland Town Hall Gallery . Co. Durham
1997 Brabenthallen . Netherlands
1996 Crook Civic Centre. Co. Durham
1996 Washington Arts Centre. Co. Durham
1995 Studentwerk. Tübingen, Germany
1993 Crook Civic Centre. Co. Durham

2006 Gergeri Painting Festival,Crete
1999 New York Art Expo . U.S.A.
1998 Art Miami . U.S.A.
1997 Wear Valley Artists . Co. Durham
1993 Raw Gallery . London
1992 International Art Exchange Exhibition Tübingen, Germany

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