My pal sporting the tattoo I designed, ( tattoo c/o ) showing that art can be applied in many ways. He also modelled for the first time at the last life class that I held at Stanhope Dales Centre. He was a brilliant model and kept so still it was unreal. The students did not know whether to draw him or the tattoos.


wolf planewolf plane2

Another different application of my art (and there have been many) was the wolf face that I added to a large model airoplane. After taking a photograph of it I superimposed the plane onto a couple of landscape (or should I say airscape) photo's to give the impression that it was actually airborne - and I think they look pretty cool.

A good friend of mine has started a councelling business called, “Mariposa Counselling Services”.  It encompasses: one-to-one counselling, play therapy, counselling supervision and counselling training events. She is a smashing person so if you or your child or friend has a problem that needs professional help, then click on the link below....

Talking of links - here are a couple of photographers and artists that I have been involved with - all excellent in their field and probably quite good in their garden as well. Just click on their links to view their individual art.

Dieter Löchle. The Tübingen artist who has organised the '4elements' project and who is our long standing friend...

Tilman Rösch. The Tübingen photographer who is involved in the '4elements' project and who was recently a guest at our house...

Evzen Sobek. A Czech photographer and now friend whom I met when he was involved in an international photo shoot in Tow Law and our house. True!...

Stella Bolonaki. An artist and now good friend from Crete who I worked with on a mural project on her Greek island. Check out her excellent

Who is Finn - I hear you ask? Finn is my young iconic retromate from uni. If you want to be 'real cool man', find out who he is by clicking

Lastly but musically, big thanks for all his help - Mac Francis, a jazz musician with his own




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